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Grants for home repairs

How to apply for grants to repair your house

      Your home is your largest investment. But what do you do when the repairs pile up faster than you can pay for them? Many homeowners are being faced with financial challenges in today's economy, and cannot qualify for a home improvement loan, or cannot afford the payments.

    If you want to renovate your house or make some improvements, free home repair grants are just right financial assistance for you. You can also apply for them if your house has been damaged in some natural disaster or needs regular repair or maintenance work. These grants are free financial aid and you do not have to pay them off. There is no obligation as long as you use the money for the purpose you have applied for.

What types of repairs can be covered?

Common types of home repairs/improvements you may be able to gain grants and assistance with are:

Minor to major repairs: plumbing, electrical work, flooring, roofing and air conditioning.

Health and Safety: removal of code violations, mold and mildew, asbestos and lead paint.

Accessibility: modifications to make life easier and prevent institutionalization; wheelchair ramps, handrails and bars, taller toilets, walk-in showers, lowering kitchen cabinets, and installation of wider doors.

Energy Efficient Improvements: weatherization modifications including weather stripping, water heater blankets, low-flow faucets, repairs or replacement of heating and cooling systems, replacing appliances, door and window repairs, and attic insulation.

What do I need to apply?

    The first thing you will need is a list of repairs that need to be made. If your list is long, or involves a lot of expensive repairs, break them up into multiple applications. You will also be asked for financial documention. This may include driver's license or picture ID's for everyone in the household, birth certificates for everyone, social security cards for everyone, proof of income for everyone in the household over 18, and your utility bills, as well as documentation on the house.

Where can I apply?

    Make sure you check the requirements on each program before applying. Do not try and make up needs to fit a program, only apply to programs you genuinely meet the requirements for. In addition, make sure you only apply to each program once, even if you see the same program on a different website. Finally, no one will ever charge a fee to apply for a government program. A general application site